• Pastor – Gap pastor Rev. Eric Dillenbeck
  • Director of Christian Education – Lisa Watts
  • Office Administrator – Crystal Duffield
  • Custodian
  • Organist – Ann Gilbert
  • Financial Administrator – Dave Wolf
    My name is David Wolfe, and I am the financial administrator for the church. I have been the financial administrator at the church since 2003. I graduated from Dyke College with an accounting degree and received my CPA license in 1994. I also am a registered investment advisor/financial planner. I own my own firm called “Gerst Tax and Financial Services” located in North Olmsted. I am married to my loving wife Dana and have three children, named Jordan, Paris and Blake, ages 27, 25 and 18 respectively.  Jordan is in sales for Sherwin Williams, Paris is a nurse at St Vincent Hospital and Blake is a sophomore at Bluffton University, where he plays basketball for the school. We currently live in Westlake.  My favorite thing to do is to play basketball competitively around the country in 50 and over tournaments and leagues.
  • Housekeeper – Halle McGorray
    Hi! I am Halle McGorray and I have been the church housekeeper since 2010. I have grown-up with the Rocky River Presbyterian Church. I went to the Preschool and I was confirmed here and have watched all four of my children being baptized and confirmed here and they also were students of the Preschool. I have volunteered many years as a Sunday school teacher and youth mission trips. I have been a deacon and volunteer for the annual Trash and Treasure sale. I enjoy keeping Rocky River Presbyterian Church clean and dust-free!
  • Director of Children’s and Youth Choirs – Hilary Watts
  • Parish Counselor – Brenda Peterson —Email —
  • RRPC’s “Parish Counselor” is a part-time counselor who works in concert
    with the pastor to provide visitation and to offer guidance and support to
    members navigating medical, social, mental or other life events. The Parish
    Counselor is committed to maintaining appropriate confidentiality.

    Life is as good as we believe it is.
    I am blessed to have 3 wonderful children (Matthew, Eric and Liesl) and 3 beautiful granddaughters (Matthew’s children, Heidi, Greta and Brigitte). I thank the Lord every day for my home.  I moved into it 7 years ago and have fun and caring neighbors. I live there with my 2 cats, Mia and Cooper.  They are very sweet keep me company.  I am still trying to get them to clean the house while I am at work…so far that is not working! Haha. When I am at home I enjoy working in my yard and flower beds.  I plant a vegetable garden every year.  This year the rabbits have decided that I planted it for them! My favorite time is outside.  Kayaking in the lake is a happy place for me. I enjoy and will try almost any outdoor activity, bike riding, golfing, hiking, swimming, and this winter I look forward to trying snow shoeing.  I enjoy many different genres of music.  Quiet time involves reading and meditation. I am a very social person and love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  Life is about learning, sharing, and exploring. Every day is an adventure. Have fun!

    Updated 10/02/2022