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Potential Parents

Trying to decide what preschool is best for your child? Check out the below resources to help guide your decision.

potential parents - Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School OhioHow to pick the right preschool

The first of many educational decisions you will have to make for your children is where to send them to preschool. There are so many choices locally that it can be overwhelming. Below are some helpful tips to ease your decision.

  • Take a tour while classes are in session – are the students happy?
  • Look around – Are there a variety of toys for the children to choose and are they readily accessible ? Look for assorted building blocks, props for pretend play, picture books, a variety of art materials and table toys such as puzzles, pegboards and matching games.
  • Is the classroom decorated with the children’s artwork?
  • Ask what the children do during the class day – do children spend most of their time playing and working with materials? Are they expected to sit for long periods of time?
  • Ask about the turnover rate for the staff.
  • Does it feel right? Go with your gut and you will make the right decision for your family!

potential parents - Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School OhioWhat makes RRPP special?

Activities for families throughout the year:

  • Evening play sessions at school
  • Parades
  • Tea Parties
  • Holiday Celebrations

Plenty of room to play in addition to the classroom:

  • Large gym
  • Private fenced in play area
  • Special room with a big sandbox
  • Music room

Parents are always welcome to volunteer:

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Fundraisers

Parent testimonials

potential parents - Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School Ohio

“Diana and her team have created a warm and nurturing environment at RRPP. My three year old son loves his teachers and looks forward to going to school each day!” – Susan

“My family has been extremely happy with our experience at RRPP. From the first time we visited, I had a warm feeling about the environment at the school. The teachers are caring and nurturing. My son is always happy to greet the staff in the morning and I can see that he is comfortable and happy. We also like the opportunity to participate in extra programs like “lunch bunch” which will help our son be prepared for elementary school. We would highly recommend RRPP to any family looking for an environment where their child will be safe, happy, and ultimately ready for the next step in their education! – Kaleigh

“My son attends RRPP and he absolutely loves it! The teachers and staff are great and very caring! I would recommend this school to anyone.” – Claudia

“I am so grateful for all that RRPP does to create such a happy, nurturing and creative environment! As a result, my child loves going to school and will be more than ready when it is time to start kindergarten! I believe the quality of the teachers and the low teacher- student ratios is very unique to this school and supports an environment where my child is getting the focused individual attention he needs to grow both socially and academically. I really appreciate the family-friendly environment that allows me and my family to truly share in my child’s preschool experience. From classroom volunteering opportunities to holiday celebrations and birthday parades, we we will treasure all of these happy memories of this special time forever!” – Tricia

Student testimonials

potential parents- Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School Ohio

“My favorite thing to do at school is play with my friends. We play princesses! I love to dress up.” – Kate, age 3

“School is great.” – Marshall, age 3

“I love special day when I can bring something in to share and my mom comes to read us a book. I really like playing outside too.” – Lucy, age 5

“My favorite things about preschool were lunch bunch, gym and the special room.” – Aiden, age 6, RRPP alumni

Teacher testimonials

potential parents Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School Ohio

Why do teachers continue to come back year after year?

“The innocence of the children. They make me smile and tell me I am silly. They have such a love of life and a love of learning. I enjoy watching children learn and seeing things through their eyes, especially something they are experiencing for the first time. They are like a sponge at this age and are capable of learning and exploring many things and are eager to do so. I have a genuine love of children and love their enthusiasm. I enjoy getting to know the children and their family. Also, planting seeds for the future development of the children. I enjoy the hugs and “I love you”, my job is very rewarding and I am extremely passionate about teaching. – Mrs. Winters

“I have come back each year (for 20 years!) because I love kids. I love seeing their maturity and growth from the time they start in September until they leave us in May. It can be very rewarding!” – Mrs. Harpster