Special Offerings

Collectively, Presbyterian congregations participate in the Special Offerings more than any other ministry or mission at the National level.

Through these Offerings, congregations of every size from every part of the country come together to participate in ministries of compassion, justice, Christian formation, education, peacemaking, and global witness.”

                                                          Bryce Wiebe
                                                          Director, Special Offerings

Our church traditionally participates in 3 special offerings each church year.

* One Great Hour of SharingSeason of Lent

Through this longstanding, ecumenical effort, Presbyterians share God’s love by giving to ministries that provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, food for the hungry, and support towards the self-development of poor and oppressed communities.

* Peace & Global Witness – Season of Peace (September-October)

By supporting this Offering, our congregation joins in sharing the Peace of Christ by promoting ministries of reconciliation and peace within cultures of violence and conflict – including our own.   Collected on World Communion Sunday in October, 25% of the offerings received stay with our congregation to support our favorite local ministries.

* Christmas Joy – Season of Advent & Christmas

This offering provides financial assistance to individuals and families who have dedicated their lives to the church, and supports leadership development and education for students attending Presbyterian-related racial ethnic schools and colleges.

For more information, go online to PRESBYTERIANMISSION.ORG