Youth Fellowship

Youth - Senior High Retreat 2015

RRPC offers the Youth Fellowship Group for children in grades six through 12 (middle and high school). The group provides opportunities for learning through Bible study, mission projects, retreats, and service to the Church. We have occasional off-site activities, such as bowling or hiking. The group is staffed by volunteer advisors, under the direction of our Director of Christian Education.

When & Where Do They Meet? The Youth Fellowship Group meets every second and fourth Sunday of each month throughout the school year, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in RRPC’s Youth Room. At time, special summer activities are planned.

Won’t You Join Us? This is a great place for youth of all ages to take part in educational, social, and religious activities. All activities are designed to help youth and students grow in faith. The ministry focuses on strengthening the bonds they have with God and each other. Whether you are a long-time member of RRPC, or are looking for a place to jump in, the Youth Fellowship Group is a wonderful opportunity to become a member of our Church family! Come join a meeting any time!!

Does RRPC Offer a Youth Mission Trip?  For several years, RRPC organized Youth Mission Trips to broaden perspectives and expose youths to different cultures and ways of life. Like many activities, these trips ground to a halt as a result of the COVID pandemic. As RRPC learns and grows under the leadership of our Transitional Pastor, and through our process of seeking a new Called Pastor, we will evaluate how they fit into the Church’s mission going forward. Check back for more information on a potential, future trip. Youth Mission Trip (stay tuned).

Updated 9/26/2023