Sunday School


Each week that is NOT a first Sunday of the month, all children age three and older are invited to be a part of our worship service. They will participate in the opening liturgy and hymn with their families and be called forward for a special message just for them. After their message, they will be dismissed to their church school classes.


The first Sunday of each month is a Kids in Sunday Service Sunday. On these days, all children age 5 and older sit with their families in worship. All children are invited forward near the beginning of the service to share some music they have been learning in their church school classes. The children take part in all aspects of worship, including communion, if their parents desire. On these Sundays we continue to offer nursery care for younger children.


Children age 4 through 6th grade. These classes use the Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum and meet during Sunday worship, after children are dismissed from the worship service. This is a wonderful curriculum. The children explore the meaning and mystery in the Bible and learn to celebrate in worship, sacraments, education and service. They experience music and art created to celebrate our lives as Christians. Our children’s choir director spends time in each class twice a month to share music with all the kids. The classes also go to the church library regularly.

Updated 09/12/2018