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November 2017

Mark Your Calendars! *

Your school year calendar was in the pocket you received at the parent meeting, we’ll re-print and update the current month in each issue of our newsletter,

November 1—Phone conferences begin — Have you received and returned your form?

November 1 – Newsletter Released

November 10-Tuition Due

November 15— PRIORITY ENROLLMENT begins for 2018-19 forms will come home on week of November 13Th

November 16— Open House for new families 5:30 -7:00 pm

November 16- Young 3’s Thanksgiving Celebration- bring an ingredient to share for our Special Snack— see our menu!

November 17 -AM 3’s (2 day) – Thanksgiving Celebration- bring an ingredient to share for our Special Snack— see our menu!

November 21— AM 3’s (3 day). AM & PM 4s classes, PM .3’s, Pre-K—Thanksgiving Celebration-Bring an ingredient to share for our Special Snack—see our menu!

Rocky River Presbyterian Preschool 440-895-5437 rrpns@riverpres.org

Volume 14, Issue 2 Newsletter Date-11-1-17

Special Points of Interest:

·       Please make a note of what to bring for the special Thanksgiving Sharing Snack

·               Thanksgiving Feast info Page 2


November 30-Phone Conferences End

December 13—Family Christmas Open House-5:30-7:30

December 11-15 Scholastic Book Fair-See details Inside


Open House—Thursday, November 16-5:30-7:00PM
Open House for prospective students for the 2018-2019 school year. Please tell anyone (friends, family, neighbors) that may be interested in enrolling for next year to come visit.


Director’s Discussion

Happy November! We start the month with our Election Day Bale Sale. Please come and support the school and buy some delicious goodies on November 7th.

During the month of November all of our classes will be concentrating on the themes of food, family, harvest, and thankfulness. One of the ways that we will celebrate this is by sharing a special ‘feast’ together. You can read the specifics of this below. We ask that each child contribute one ingredient to a special trail mix. Together the children measure, pour, stir, scoop, serve and eat. It is an activity that all enjoy, emphasizing sharing, team work and fellowship. Each class will share their feast before Thanksgiving Break.

This month there are several mission projects that you can participate in. Harvest Sunday, the Book Tree Project, The Alternative Christmas Bazaar and Healing Hearts for the Holidays are all highlighted in this newsletter. Please take some time to decide If you’d like to participate in these special opportunities!

Registration forms for the 2018-2019 school year will be in the children’s backpacks the week of November 13th. Please take note of all the classesIf you are planning on sending your child to us next year, please return your form to us as soon as possible, as some classes may fill up quickly. Priority enrollment will end on December 31st when we open the enrollment to the community.

In December each class will be participating in three activities. The first will be preparing special gifts for their families. The second is inviting their families to our holiday open house (see calendar). This is great time to visit school and have fun with a variety of fun Christmas activities. The third is decorating cookies!! Each class will decorate cookies (with a little help from our parent volunteers) to be shared at the family open house. We are looking forward to a great month.

Thanksgiving Sharing Snack

For our Thanksgiving celebration we would like to emphasize sharing and community spirit. We would like to have each child bring a snack item to school so that we can combine all of their donations into a “Trail MIX”. The children will be able to share with each other as they create and mix their own Thanksgiving snack for each celebration. Sugar cones will serve as the cornucopias to be filled with Trail Mix.


AM 3’s and Young 3’s classes – Please bring ONE box or bag of the following Items by Thursday, November 16th

Mrs. Kirchner’s class —Small Pretzels or Pretzels Sticks

Mrs. Groh’s class Teddy Grahams

Mrs. Roman’s class – Small fruit snacks or miniature marshmallows

AM 4’s, 3 day 3’s and AM Pre-K Classes – Please bring any ONE of the following Items by Monday, November 20th.

Mrs. Groh’s class – Small fruit snacks

Mrs. Martin’s class – Club Sticks or Ritz Stick crackers

Mrs. Winters class – Teddy Grahams or Graham cracker sticks

Mrs. Roman’s class – Small Pretzels or pretzel sticks

PM Classes – Pre-K, PM 3’s, PM 4’s – Please bring any ONE of the following Items by Monday, November 20th.

Mrs. Groh’s class – Small fruit snacks

Mrs. Winters’ – Miniature marshmallows

Mrs. Murphy’s class – Small pretzels or Club Sticks crackers

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!

The School will be closed Wednesday, November 22nd,

Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 241h for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Butter Braids, Cookie Dough and Zap-A-Snack Pizza

RRPP will be selling Butter Braids, Zap-A-Snack Pizza, Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Rolls, Red Velvet Rolls and Apple Dumplings and Auntie Anne Pretzels from Nov. 7th through November 30th. The order forms will come home in your child’s backpacks. Remember to ask your relatives to support RRPP over the Thanksgiving holiday! The delivery dates will be the week before Christmas vacation and we’ll bring them right to your car. This is our eighth year offering these delicious items, they can be a treat over Christmas vacation or a pizza snack anytime. Look for the flyers in your backpacks the week of November 6th.

Classroom Reminders

We are encouraging all of the children to put on their own coats. We would appreciate it if you could help us by having your child practice putting on their coat at home. For the Young 3’s and 3-year old’s, the best way to teach them Is the FLIP method. (Put your child’s coat on the floor in front of them with the label closest to their feet. They then put their arms in the sleeves and Flip it over their heads)!

Please label ALL of your child’s, outer garments: this includes: coats, hats. gloves, mittens sweaters, sweatshirts and Jackets We have already started a collection of lost Items because they are not labeled. We also have mixed up some children’s coats because they are not labeled, and the children are not sure which coat is theirs. Even a child’s Initials would be helpful.

As the snow begins to fly, just a reminder that your child does not need to wear boots. Our sidewalks are clear and changing boots for a whole class takes time out for the activities we have planned for your child.

*HAND SANITIZERS – WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE HAND SANITIZERS WITH THE CHILDREN AT RRPP. Many of you have sent the mini Hand Sanitizer bottles on Your child’s backpacks.  We are not Permitted by the state to use hand sanitizer with the children. We have the children wash their hands with soap and water as soon as they hang up their coats and backpacks. Please do not send hand sanitizer with your child to school. Thank You

*When sending checks, forms or any other notes for us, please put them in the big pocket of your child’s backpack or hand them to the teacher who gets your child out of the car during carpool. We check backpacks every day and this will make it easier to find the notes that are sent.

*If your child Is coming to Lunch Bunch. Please make sure their name is on their Lunch box,

Mission Projects

As our holiday season approaches we are planning some very special mission projects. We feel that these mission projects not only help our young children to experience giving and compassion, but also support our community and the faith of Rocky River Presbyterian I We truly hope that your family will help to support our special projects this holiday season.

Book Tree

During the week of December 11th RRPP will host a giving tree. We will be collecting new books to be donated to two organizations. The first is the Metro Health Medical Center Child Life Department and the second is the Fairview Hospital Children’s Department. Both of these organizations allow ill children who are spending time in the hospital to choose books to read and take home.

We invite each RRPP child to place a new children’s book under the tree in our music room during the family open house or anytime between December 111h and December 15th

Because our Scholastic Book program has been so successful (THANKS TO YOU and our coordinator, Lori Negron)) we have donated the bonus points we have earned this year toward purchasing some books to put under the giving tree. We strongly hope that your family will purchase an additional Scholastic book to place under the tree or you may purchase a new book from any store. Our goal is to collect at least another 104 books for our book tree! This Is one additional book for each child. You can order a book from Scholastic or buy one at the Scholastic Book Fair during the week of December 11th!

The books collected can be for any aged child (toddler through elementary age).

Our Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair are also great ways to purchase books for your own child’s holiday gifts!

Harvest Sunday

During the week of November 13th Rocky River Presbyterian Church will be collecting can goods and non-Perishable food items (no glass containers).

The food collection will be honored on Sunday, November 19th during the “Harvest Sunday” service. After the service the food will be distributed to local hunger organizations.

RRPP will have a special collection basket available from 11/13 through 11/17 We invite You to either send food Items to school with your child, or to stop in together to add your food Items to the basket.

We look forward to helping local families have healthy and wholesome food during the cold weather months.


Sun., Nov. 19. 1:30 p.m.

“Healing Hearts for the Holidays” an oasis of peace for those grieving losses

Wish you could skip the next two months of holidays?

It’s natural to dread the holiday season when grieving the death of someone dear. Thoughts of social gatherings, family traditions and obligations leave you anxious and overwhelmed. Your sadness can seem unbearable. You may wish you could skip these next two months and go straight to the routine of the next year—but you can’t. What can you do to lessen your stress and loneliness?

At 1:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, November 19 come to a brief time of acknowledgment, worship, comfort and strength offered for all who are facing this holiday season without cherished friends or family members.

The service, called “Healing Hearts for the Holidays,” is a peaceful time of prayer and reflection. The 30-minute gathering features music, readings of scripture, times of silent reflection and an occasion to remember and give thanks for our departed loved ones whose memories we hold dear.

“Healing Hearts for the Holidays” never requires one to say or do anything—worshipers may simply sit in the silence of their memories, thoughts and prayers.

The service—held in a unique, intimate “memorial chapel” setting near the sanctuary—will be followed by an Informal reception with light refreshments in the narthex.

Even if you are not grieving a loss, a special gift you could give a grieving friend would be to Invite him or her to join you at this service. Or you could attend Just to lend your support by “being there for others” who are hurting.

—Dr. Jon M. Fancher, Pastor

Alternative Christmas Bazaar  Sunday, November 19- 11:30AM – 1:00PM  Fellowship Hall

“Gifts” purchased at the Alternative Christmas Charity Bazaar are financial contributions to non­profit missions given as “Christmas presents” in honor of family and friends. You write just one check to the church for however many “purchases” you make. RRPC will forward 100% of your “gift’ to your designated charity. Your generosity enables the charities (local and global) to help children, adults, families, communities and animals. Some of the charities are: Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, North Coast Health, Gathering Place, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Fisher House, Habitat for Humanity and Puppies behind Bars.

Scholastic Book Fair

Come and join us at RRPP the week of December 11th and find wonderful books for your preschoolers and their older siblings! Scholastic offers amazing selections ranging from fun fiction, stellar educational learning books, and everyone’s favorite classics. Most of the books will be for preschoolers and early elementary grades, but there will be some for grades 3-5 as well.

The book fair will be open and staffed at these times:

Sunday, December 10th from 11:30am -12:30pm

Wednesday, December 13th from 5:30 – 7:30pm (Holiday Open House)

Sunday, December 17th from 11:30am – 12:30pm

During the week, please feel free to stop in at your convenience during school hours. If you wish to purchase books, please give your payment to Diana Wolfe.

This is an opportunity to buy a book for the book tree that will benefit Fairview Hospital and Metro Hospital Pediatric wards. (See the Book Tree article in this newsletter)

RRPP benefits from the book fair by adding at least $200 worth of books to our classroom libraries. We are also able to gain cash rewards for the school that are used to purchase education materials and supplies. The more books that are purchased the more the school will benefit. It also helps our children directly with their literacy skills and language arts development.

You can pay by cash, checks payable to RRPP or credit card.

We are counting on you to make the book fair a success! If you have any

questions, please contact Nora Geuther at Geuth.nor@gmail.com or 440-724‑ 8018.

Thank you,

RRPP Board