2020 “Alternative Christmas” Charity Bazaar

ACCB information

Our “Alternative Christmas” Charity Bazaar is an opportunity to make
one or many donations to local, national and global charities in the name of
family or friends.

“Don’t we all have enough ‘stuff’?” The “Alternative Christmas” Charity
Bazaar (ACCB) enables you to stop giving the “same old” Christmas gifts.
Let’s take the money we usually spend on “obligatory gifts” (with little
meaning) for friends, office staff or family, and instead give gifts to our
favorite charities.

Click HERE for a video about ACCB and the catalog contents

This is an index of the start times a charity is shown on the video and the page number in the catalog of each charity
Charity Start Time Page Charity Start Time Page
Charity: Water 2:19 06 Church World Services 17:52 20
Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter 16:49 19 Days for Girls 0:17 04
Dougbe River Presbyterian School 3:17 07 Gathering Place Westside 4:14 08
Greater Cleveland Fisher House 14:57 17 Greater Cleveland Food Bank 12:50 15
Habitat for Humanity: Cleveland 12:00 14 HugMe Comfort Dolls 18:53 21
National Alliance on Mental Illness 7:09 09 North Coast Health 8:27 10
One World Shop 19:52 22 Presbyterian Disaster Assistance 10:14 12
Puppies Behind Bars 15:45 18 Shriners Hospitals for Children 1:18 05
SocksPlus Initiative 14:11 16 The Metanoia Project 9:24 11
Village Project 11:10 13
Look how easy and helpful this is:

1. Download and print the order form by clicking/tapping HERE
2. Peruse the 2020 ACCB catalog to see the variety of charities and missions available.
3. Select how much you want to give to the charities of your choice and enter the selections and amounts on the order form.
4. Total your gifts and write just one check payable to “RRPC.”
5. Download and print the gift cards to send to people whose name you made the donations “in-the-name-of”
6. Our church
sends 100% of monies received to the designated charities.
7. You don’t end up on additional mailing lists.
8. Your check qualifies as a tax-deductible gift.

In the past 11 years, your charitable gifts through the ACCB have
raised over $100,000 for selected charities and missions!

Click/Tap on the links below to view or print the pdf files!