Sunday School

Preschool Class

Youth Sunday 2014For children ages 2-4, we offer a preschool class in Room B-8. This room is used during the week by our nursery school, and provides age-appropriate toys, books and equipment. We use the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum. The class offers time for free play, an organized story and craft, prayer and a snack.

Young Children and Worship

For children in kindergarten and 1st grade, we offer a special class based on the “Young Children and Worship” curriculum. This program uses a worship setting to teach children how and why we worship. The worship leader guides the children through the weekly Bible story and allows “response time” for the children to respond in a meaningful way to the stories they see presented. This class take place in Room D-5.

Elementary Classes

We offer a class for 2nd and 3rd grade students in Room D-3 and a class for 4th-6th grade students in Room B-4. These classes also use the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum. This is a wonderful, lectionary-based curriculum which integrates Bible learning and the arts. The children explore the meaning and the mystery in the Bible, and learn to celebrate in worship, sacraments, education and service. They experience music and art created to celebrate our lives as Christians.